Friday, September 18, 2009

Back again!

I am back from vacation, with several more ideas for The Corrigendopedia!

First I was writing one, couldn't figure out where to go with it, then I started another but it was going nowhere, so I have started yet another one, and it has this spiffy 'drawring' (greatly enlarged):

sep 369 Plummeting Water Drop

Can you guess what this thing is?

Doubtless you've seen millions, but what are they? Well, I know it's a drawring, but it closely resembles a photo. The vertical lines are meant to be reflections. Also, these things move really fast and we don't get a clear look at them.

How is this thing moving? If you can guess that, you can figure out what it is!

Anyway, the article I started (but did not finish) is called Look Again! Where are your preconceptions from? Someday I'll find a decent middle and ending!

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