Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Partial homework assignment...

Okay, most of my homework time has been taken up by driving B Gangsta around to do some important stuff and we didn't get back until 6:30, but then I had to kick him out of here so I could do my homework, which he doesn't sound happy about, so I only have a few hours before he comes back to work on his music.
` Anyway, yes, things have been busy and lacking in internet access since I have to contend with other people for access to my office and the internet, and the only thing I'm allowed to do anymore is homework, which is the only thing I have to put on my blogs.

/end rant.

Well, I think there needs to be some sort of content. Also, it's a creative way to display this to my other team member just so that we have a hope of getting a presentation finished by tomorrow.

So, here's my part in answering the question; "Is it ever wrong to do the right thing?"

Wait, I've removed this homework assignment. I'm going to put parts of it in other posts, because it doesn't stand on its own... just like everything else I post here, right?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Dialogues commencing shortly...

In the interim, I have discovered that my 'facts via fiction' idea is called a 'dialogue', or 'dialog' - although I prefer still spelling it with the silent 'ue', thank you very much!

And they aren't out of control.

But, I shall also need to create characters to carry out these dialogues. This has been my main obstacle. I suppose once I start writing, they'll come naturally.

For now, I'll call them 'Why' and 'Why not?'

Later on, you'll see my creations in the flesh... by some means, so they are a little bit more than talking heads.

Oh, and I also have one other major obstacle... the subject matter, since each time I pick a topic that is most interesting to me, I tend to feel that it is too silly/controversial/trivial/getting off on the wrong foot.
` The truth is, I just need to get over it already and write something, or I never will start!

Since I JUST HAPPEN to have been at a presentation about gay marriage today, thanks to political science instructor Stephen Horn, I should just start there instead of waffling and stalling because, I mean... Why start there?

Well, WHY NOT?!?!

Peace out,

Dr. Nociceptor

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Doctor Says...

The official format for The Corrigendopedia will be FACTS, VIA FICTIONAL CHARACTERS.

Is that totally out of control or not? I'd say not, since I've seen it done before and it looked perfectly controlled to me. But can I handle it?
` Let's hope so, or I have a huge mess in the future.

Wish me luck.