Friday, December 10, 2010

I'm back for more!

While I've been in school this fall quarter, I may not have updated my website much, but I have actually been working... on paper! Again.
` I have partly-written articles on paper, as well as a better site organization. Now that fall quarter's over, I'm going to be actually putting those ideas onto the website, FOR REALS!

Also, I'm going to be writing some new and used (re-written/updated) Mad Science Writer posts, which I'll also be using as material for The Corrigendopedia. Whoo hoo!

Schoooooool's out... for... a little while!

Schoooooool's out... 'til... next year!

And I'd have made more progress online already if it weren't for my amazing procrastination skills (on other things)!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ah, here we go...

During summer quarter, I've been doing only a little work on the site, including the rearrangement of the How to Figure Stuff Out... And How Not To section so that it's simpler. Check it out!
` Now that summer quarter's over, I'm also working on the next article, and may actually start speeding up work on this website.

Also, I'm finally caught up with cataloging ALL my notes for the first time ever! In my last blog entry here, I had three binders, and now there are six! My arm is tired.

aug 091 My six books o' notes so far...

Well, better get crackin' on that new article! There's no time like the present -- even though I'm sweltering hot!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Working OFF the website more than ON

So, I've made a few little updates to the website here and there since my last post on this blog. During my two-week break during between spring and summer quarter, I've been taking the opportunity to catalogue my science notes for this website (and presumably other projects as well).
` I think I'm going to need another mini-binder!

june 053 I'm going to need another mini-binder!

I'm just that hardcore, so don't you worry about me forgetting about The Corrigendopedia! Classes are out, and I'm hard at work on this website, albeit 'on paper'! I am going to make some changes to the site soon enough, though.

In sad news, however, I've discovered that I have yet another setback for my goal of becoming a science writer.
` I just got the grades for one of my classes back, and it was for English 102, which was largely focused on societal issues, in which we students had to log in at least ten hours of volunteer hours.
` I know I did really well in my other classes, but for English I got a D-, and I was somewhat surprised considering how hard I had worked on everything.

Me fail English? That's unpossible!

I know this fact because my grades for this course have been published online. Though I started out very enthusiastic about this class, it took so much out of me that I slowly fell behind. I wasn't even upset that I got a 68 on my first paper. After all, I was supposed to write about being part of a group of people and alienating someone else.
` As I've been alone most of my life and have only been recently loosely associated with a group of people, though we've never alienated anyone (not even the daddy longlegs girl), so I've never had this kind of experience.
` As I was unable to convincingly make something up, I didn't do very well on the paper. That, and my egregious spelling and grammatical errors, which surprised me since I thought I have always been good at the technicalities of writing.

Then, for various other reasons, I did very poorly on all my papers. As for the final paper, which is about 15 pages long after weeks of research, scored only 200 out of 350 points. Since I don't have this one back, I'm not sure exactly why this would be.
` So, yeah. I'm rather depressed now. Not only do I have to make more money to re-take this class, because Financial Aid won't cover any more credits, but I also may lose my Financial Aid for the classes in Spring and Fall that I've already signed up for and need to complete my transfer degree. If that happens, I will just have to stop going to college altogether!

Let me tell you, even if I'm able to complete my transfer degree by next year, this is really going to set me back in terms of becoming a mad scientist.
` Speaking of which, check out my latest post on Introspection of a Struggling Mad Scientist, it's called Superhero Lou Ryan outdone by bickering senior citizens and a little boy!
` It actually features film/video projects my fiance has been in, and it's a lot of fun and not depressing at all, so please, go and be uplifted!

Update: Since I got A's in my other classes, my GPA is still fine, and I'm now in my Algebra II class. It's amazingly fast-paced because it's ten weeks of material in only eight days, and thankfully I have Lucas to drive me because my car's not doing so well.
` I'm amassing some quarters, though, so I can have some bus fare for future weeks.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Moving onto the next thing -- plus, a Stegosaurus!

Here's my next illustration -- I mean, 'drawring'. Believe it or not, but it actually has to do with the text in Is That a Fact? Plus, it's eye-catching!

mcr 078 My Very Own Stegosaurus

Also, after much homework this month and just not seeing the point in continuing the list of Odds, Ends and Beginnings, I have decided just to wrap it up and move onto the next article!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A trivia item a day... how I am constructing my final section on 'Fast Facts and Trivia: Is any of it true?' I've just combined the last two sections because they don't really fit into two categories anyway.

The first three items, which I've been working on for the past couple days, are the origin of the toothbrush, the microwave, and, in a way, the kneecap, though not in that order. I shall probably re-arrange them a bit as I add more.

I'll come back when I've finished the whole thing... it's called Odds, Ends and Beginnings.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Finally finished with said new page!

It's really long and detailed, and I hope for my readers, fun! These are five words/phrases whose 'netymology' I once received in my email. There was a lot to explore on each one, and though all of them turned out to be false, it's a really interesting read!

Behold: Fun Facts and Trivia: is any of it true? Word and Phrase Origins!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Finally, a new page!

It's another section of the page 'Fast Facts and Trivia: Is any of it true?' called Word and Phrase Origins. Incidentally, none of the 'facts' about these particular word and phrase origins have turned out to be true.

However, I've been so busy with college in the past month that I've only managed to finish the first couple of items by this time. Now that I'm on Spring Break, I can go back to building my website, so I'll continue building this section piece by piece.

Count on it.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Corrigendopedia's first internally-linked page!

You know how some internet pages have a list of links that correspond to items lower down on that page? I've always wondered how to do that, and it turns out it isn't so difficult! You just use a 'name' tag (really!) and then create a link to that 'name'. I learned it here.

I have used it on the Animals and Vestibules (trivia investigation page), which was really long in its enthusiastic, detailed explanations. Now, you can click on each individual title and it takes you to that item, without having to scroll down and find it!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Animules and Vestibules -- the real facts, and more!

I've finally completed the Animules and Vestibules section of the page Fast Facts and Trivia: Is any of it true?

I think I've done a decent job taking a handful of 'factoids' and actually finding the 'real story' in great detail, all while demonstrating how I've done it. My only hope now is that others find it just as fascinating as I do!

Friday, February 12, 2010

The 'deleted' article finally making a comeback!

I've been slowly re-writing the article that was completely deleted (Internet Trivia: How much of it is even true?), and now it is about 1/3 finished. Since I'm re-writing it with a main page linked to different 'sections', I figured that was far enough along to publish the main page, along with the ostrich, once again:

a-s 021 Male Ostrich turning egg

The new title is Fast Facts and Trivia: Is any of it true? Some of it is, of course, but what? That is what I'm investigating! The first section of trivia I will be publishing is about plants and animals, which I whimsically named Animules and Vestibules. It's coming up soon.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

At last! My first new article completed (HEY! WHERE DID IT GO?)

It's been tough, as I've been busy... also, Johnny's been getting worse. Yesterday, Lucas forced him to admit that he owes Lucas money, so today he stole Lucas' truck keys! Yes, that's right! While I was here in my office, I heard Johnny leave his bedroom, go into ours for a second, then slam the door really fast so that my coat fell off it, and hurry out of the house!
` Will Lucas ever find them? And what will Lucas do to Johnny when he comes back? Tune in next time to Spoony's Crazy Life!

Similarly crazy is the article I've written about... all sorts of things. It started out as mainly concerning the myth that harvestmen are venomous, but... well... it's now similarly packed with human drama!

jan 118 Opilionid and its lack of venom

OMG! MORE DRAMA! I've just discovered that I 'dumped' my final edit of this article!


It's now eight o'clock, two hours after starting this blog post, and I've finally managed to do a rough reconstruction of the finely-polished work I had done. It's not only a drag, but my sense of satisfaction is gone. Plus, I could have been back from the gym and have finished my last English assignment by now!
` Anyway, I guess I'll sort it out some more later. Here's the link to it.

In other news, Lucas managed to call Johnny, who denied stealing the keys, then called Lucas back to ask, "Have you found them yet? Huh? Huh?" It was pretty obvious that Johnny had just hid them somewhere, and sure enough, Lucas found them right away, underneath my car.
` He knew they would be somewhere around there, because Johnny had run through the carport on his way out, which Lucas had thought was odd.

Anyway, I can finally, FINALLY update the Corrigendopedia, like I was ABOUT TO when I started writing this. Man, I can't believe I DUMPED the page after I was completely done with it! How is that even possible?
` You know, I actually think a reasonable possibility is the distraction of Lucas running around, looking for his car keys, wondering if he should call the police for grand theft auto, etc.

P.S. Also, the gym was about to close by the time I got to it. ARGH AGAIN! However, I've since drastically improved my article anyway, so pttthhhbtbtbt!

Monday, January 25, 2010

New illustrations up, and new material on its way!

I may be very busy with school and other time-consuming projects, as well as socializing, but I'm still writing new material, and already have the illustrations up! I think this is the best way to go -- finish the illustrations first so that I can indicate where new articles will go! That way, it's like I know what the plan is, and you do too!

That's the thing about not having your website done, or barely even started out, when you put it up on the internet!

Check out my plans and thumbnails of illustrations on Is That a Fact? It's really coming along!

P.S. Finally decided on an illustration for Corrigending the Corrigendopedia -- look and see!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Ah, I feel much better!

Now that the crazy roommates are ALL gone, and I'm going back to school, AND I'm hanging out with my friends, I feel the best that I've ever felt in my entire life! Though I have been recovering from my past over this time, until now I didn't feel so great because of the enormous stresses put on me.

Not only have I figured out what I need to do, I also don't have some amount of terror hanging over my head, so now I can actually think clearly and make proper plans and do whatever I need to do without any problem.
` That includes this website, only I haven't been working on it this past week because, well, I've just taken some time off to work on maintaining my relationships, homework, and other projects, of mine. (I'm really ADHD, so there's a few! Hm, that's another thing I'll be writing about!)
` One of them was finishing organizing and uploading nearly ten thousand digital photos (here on Flickr), all of which I've edited (i.e. shrank until they weren't blurry anymore, adjusted color levels, occasionally added amusing effects, etc.).
` And that is only the first step of continuing work on my Abnormally Humorous Photo Gallery website, which I started years ago in hopes of achieving high comedy. Well, I have the material -- it's here, there and everywhere, thanks to continual chaos over the years! -- I just need to put it all where it needs to go!

Last quarter I took a class helpful to this website -- Critical Thinking. I did outstanding! Not only did I ace my final, despite forgetting my notesheet (I think that had a lot to do with guarding my room from having things more things tampered with or stolen from it), but my term paper on anti-vaccination pseudoscience got a 98 out of 100!
` This quarter I'm taking English 101, and it's great! My instructor is the coolest, and so are a lot of the students, whose papers I'm going to be reviewing.

Despite school, I'm planning to work on new pages for this site every day. I've actually already mostly-written a few new pages by the beginning of this week/year, I just haven't quite completed them!
` What I can do now is just work at a steady pace and it'll probably go smoothly for the most part! I'm so anxious to really get into the 'meat' of critical thinking and all the other things we need to know to survive in a misleading and sometimes miserable environment!

Friday, January 1, 2010

The Corrigendopedia finally has a main page illustration!

It's about time I got this loaded up! Here's the main page illustration... it's my website, so I'm making sure my face is on it!

dec 128 Corrigendopedia main page

This 'drawring' is from a sketch that I did of myself looking down into a lamp, which I then re-composed it using abstract shapes. Then, after taking the photo, I made it all green. Why not?

I also got my banner-logo thing for the top up on Flickr, but can't figure out how to put it on the website!

dec 199 Banner for top of website

Oh well! I guess I'll find some use for it!