Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Working OFF the website more than ON

So, I've made a few little updates to the website here and there since my last post on this blog. During my two-week break during between spring and summer quarter, I've been taking the opportunity to catalogue my science notes for this website (and presumably other projects as well).
` I think I'm going to need another mini-binder!

june 053 I'm going to need another mini-binder!

I'm just that hardcore, so don't you worry about me forgetting about The Corrigendopedia! Classes are out, and I'm hard at work on this website, albeit 'on paper'! I am going to make some changes to the site soon enough, though.

In sad news, however, I've discovered that I have yet another setback for my goal of becoming a science writer.
` I just got the grades for one of my classes back, and it was for English 102, which was largely focused on societal issues, in which we students had to log in at least ten hours of volunteer hours.
` I know I did really well in my other classes, but for English I got a D-, and I was somewhat surprised considering how hard I had worked on everything.

Me fail English? That's unpossible!

I know this fact because my grades for this course have been published online. Though I started out very enthusiastic about this class, it took so much out of me that I slowly fell behind. I wasn't even upset that I got a 68 on my first paper. After all, I was supposed to write about being part of a group of people and alienating someone else.
` As I've been alone most of my life and have only been recently loosely associated with a group of people, though we've never alienated anyone (not even the daddy longlegs girl), so I've never had this kind of experience.
` As I was unable to convincingly make something up, I didn't do very well on the paper. That, and my egregious spelling and grammatical errors, which surprised me since I thought I have always been good at the technicalities of writing.

Then, for various other reasons, I did very poorly on all my papers. As for the final paper, which is about 15 pages long after weeks of research, scored only 200 out of 350 points. Since I don't have this one back, I'm not sure exactly why this would be.
` So, yeah. I'm rather depressed now. Not only do I have to make more money to re-take this class, because Financial Aid won't cover any more credits, but I also may lose my Financial Aid for the classes in Spring and Fall that I've already signed up for and need to complete my transfer degree. If that happens, I will just have to stop going to college altogether!

Let me tell you, even if I'm able to complete my transfer degree by next year, this is really going to set me back in terms of becoming a mad scientist.
` Speaking of which, check out my latest post on Introspection of a Struggling Mad Scientist, it's called Superhero Lou Ryan outdone by bickering senior citizens and a little boy!
` It actually features film/video projects my fiance has been in, and it's a lot of fun and not depressing at all, so please, go and be uplifted!

Update: Since I got A's in my other classes, my GPA is still fine, and I'm now in my Algebra II class. It's amazingly fast-paced because it's ten weeks of material in only eight days, and thankfully I have Lucas to drive me because my car's not doing so well.
` I'm amassing some quarters, though, so I can have some bus fare for future weeks.