Sunday, December 20, 2009

Parts of Corrigendopedia missing? Slogging ahead anyway!

I'm glad to say there have been no more crazy housemate-initiated police visits (yet), though things are still pretty harsh and scary at the house. So harsh and scary, in fact, that three of us are pretending to be evicted because of their bullcrap along with them so they'll stop being so resentful towards us and move out already!
` You can read about that right here in my journal blog, Science, Wackmobiles and Spurious Brainchildren.
` As I've said before, my entire life has been one long episode of Jerry Springer, and for some reason, I just can't shake the crazies! One look at what I've written should help explain why I'm so obsessed with being rational and ethical!

So anyway, I'm back to working on The Corrigendopedia since the site switch has screwed up its coding, and the first thing I discover is... are you ready for this? THERE'S STUFF MISSING!
` Although my ostrich is still online because it's hosted on Flickr...

a-s 021 Male Ostrich rolling egg

...the page it belonged to, the biggest page I had, called Internet Trivia: How much of it is even true? which I mentioned in this blog post: Possibly the lowest form of information, is COMPLETELY GONE!

No worries, though, because that page was largely based on blog posts I wrote in 2005, and I was actually planning to expand it and make it into a proper section. I can probably just re-find my additional resources and continue on with even more silly items I've picked up on my September visit to Georgia, which I've also been meaning to add.
` On the other hand, the jokes I've made for the site are forever lost, as I didn't have a backup of that page. Sniff!

My second-largest page, Rudy and Russo's Big Gullibility Experiment, is also partly missing, as it is cut off just below the lowest embedded video. (This is the blog post to that.)
` That's okay, too, since I'd been meaning to revise that last section for some time -- I didn't even mention that Rudy and Russo emailed me because they liked the page so much!

It's like the html mix-ups read my mind! Spooky, but not really; there are a few different potential html flaws that I think explain this missing stuff.

In better news, my photo journal website S E E Quine's Anomalous World, which I plan to begin again at some point soon (because I have my own computer now!!), is not missing anything, as far as I can determine.
` However, some of the photos on one photo hosting website are no longer there, but that's okay because I need to replace them anyway with the same photos, but on my Flickr Pro site (where you can view my photos and art!) at least, when I get all of them uploaded. I've taken a lot of digital photographs for the past few years, and the ones I have uploaded only go back to June 2008 by this point in time.
` I would have probably managed to upload more, at least back to 2007, it's just that immediately after uploading my June 2008 photos a few months ago, I lost all internet functionality of my old computer and was unable to do continue.

Now that I have a new computer, I have spent countless hours preparing yet more photos for upload (on my old computer, though, as I'm not sure how to do it on this one), then transferred them to my new computer.
` Of course I've been planning to upload them to Flickr, but I just have been so busy working on other, more intense things to distract me of my even-more intense living situation, that I keep forgetting to.
` Not to mention, my laptop has been under lock and key for days at a time, in case someone tries to steal it, so I haven't been on the internet as much as I've wanted to be. Then again, when I am on the internet, I find there's a lot of other things to catch up on and plan (like my emails, blogs and websites), so... you know?

I have, ironically, been working for days at a time organizing my sources for The Corrigendopedia, so I have been technically working on it, just not online:
` For one thing, I've been hand-copying my notes from various sources of information into miniature three-ring binders, which I've divided into different subjects so that all the notes I have for one subject will be together.
` If only I'd taken those notes electronically, I could just 'cut and paste' and it would be much faster, but as you'll recall I didn't have a computer for a while so I had to improvise. Even now that I do have a computer, I'm going to continue this paper organization because; a), paper doesn't give me eye strain whereas my laptop does; b), I'm almost done, and c), I really dig the convenience of a real binder!
` All I have to do is grab the little tab I glued onto each divider and it opens to that subject! There's page numbers and even space at the top that I can use to make notes about my plans for the notes! I have to say, the binder worked splendidly with my critical thinking term paper, so I think the hundreds of hours I've spent on this project is well worth it!

Although honestly, I wish I'd had henchmen to do this stuff for me!

Ironically, it was just after the end of the quarter that I sat down for a couple days and worked on my index cards, finally finishing them at long last! Yes, index cards; I have a little drawer filled with hundreds of cards, each has the title and author of a book at the top, with the status of whether or not I've read it, and a short description below that.
` That may sound obsessive, but I think it's necessary; I really need to keep my sources, and potential sources, on my radar, and through trial and error I've figured out how to keep track of the books I want to read, and have read.

I started out doing just lists of titles and authors of books I wanted to read, but based on that information I could not remember what half of those books were about!
` Later on, I realized that I also didn't even know what most of my own books really were about, whether I've read them or not, so I took my books off the shelves, and made each of them one of these 'library cards'. Then, so that I could easily find each book via card, I organized my books by category and then likewise made little 'category divider' cards with tabs sticking up, and organized the cards to match the books.
` That way, if I need to research something, I'll have an uber-quick way to find what I'm looking for without tearing apart my bookshelves! It was not long before I got the bright idea of extending this concept to my organized list of hundreds of books I want to read!

Anyway, I've got places to go and things to do besides setting things in order, so I'd better go!

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