Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's Huge! It's Collossal! It's My First Post, At Last!

Below lies the first piece I am presenting as a part of the vast body of writing known as the Corrigendopedia. It is not what I had originally been writing; that article was actually of an ideal subject for introducing the whole purpose of the Corrigendopedia.
` This one may not, but this is a blog, not a book; it doesn't necessarily matter in what order I post things, just so long as they get into the Corrigendopedia (where they will then be placed into book-like order).

As I've mentioned - in this comment here - I'm having some difficulty finding enough time to write new posts in a consistent manner, so what I can do instead is go back through earlier blog posts and re-write them for the Corrigendopedia.
` By the time I've incorporated much of this material, I should have a sufficient framework on which to build and add 'layers', etc.

The first one I've chosen to post is appropriate for Halloween, and boy is it a doozy! Like many of my past articles, it's extremely long and thorough, though this one also required much video footage review (as reference), so there's little wonder that it took me several hours to complete it.
` Despite the fact that I get kicked off the computer virtually every day, I was still on schedule for posting it on Halloween: However, the only computer available to me during my scheduled internet time that day was being used for watching a movie - which wasn't even very good, as it turned out.
` How could such a travesty possibly happen to me? Well, this time I learned that when our Nate is gone (along with his laptop), and cannot be reached by phone, figuring out how to operate his DVD player is beyond the ability of the rest of us.
` So, no playtime for me!

Can't wait to get some space where I can set up my own computer!

Well, it's movie time again. Good thing I'm done. Without further ado the first ghost of writing for the Corrigendopedia!

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