Monday, November 3, 2008

It's great to be back on my own computer....

That's right! I finally got the first article done and there's still more good news!

After a month of shunning the importance of 'playing around on the computer' as at least two of my housemates regard it, I finally got the junk cleared out of the office, and even persuaded them to let me use my own 'computer furniture' (a nightstand and an endtable) so that I could set up my own computer and actually turn it on for once! (It's been about a month.)
` The consequence of this, I hope, will be more posts here, as well as new posts on my other blogs!

I ask myself why I didn't do this earlier - besides my reluctance to give others fuel for shaming me about treating my blog as a sort of 'writing job' on which I have a regular 'work schedule' and even 'deadlines', which have been more trouble than they're worth to meet.
` I guess I just didn't take it, well, serously enough; though I also would have done this earlier if I hadn't been under the impression that I would have my own computer space by... weeks ago. Each day I kept telling myself, "Oh, what's a few more days?"
` But, as it always turned out, there's been a lot more remodeling to be done in the new place than we had bargained for (we're getting this house done the right way rather than the 'fire hazard' way) so, that didn't happen.

After my harrowing experience with just getting one Corrigendopedia article online - especially considering its length - I decided that I couldn't take the pressure of the constant teasing and being kicked off the office computer every half hour, so I set to work clearing out the mountain of things in 'storage' here.
` So, that took about the first six hours of of yesterday - the other six involved laundry and cleaning all the floors and bathroom using a most frustrating and environmentally unfriendly method; rolls and rolls of paper towels!
` Then I spent a couple hours of today scrubbing down 'my' furniture, wiping the sawdust and plaster powder off my computer, and then finding a way to arrange everything so that I can comfortably use it without being stepped on. (It was quite a puzzle!)

In truth, this process was actually hurried along by the fact that Nate needed some photos I took of him working on-set and had just discovered that my camera doesn't work with Macs (though it's almost identical to his camera).
` To my surprise, he had no idea that I hadn't even turned on my PC, much less used it, since we'd moved in so now I actually have a legitimate excuse to have my computer hooked up now! Just as long as I continue to be the photographer....

Let's hope my excuse endures long enough for me to get some new (or at least old) posts up on this blog. I can't wait to open my Corrigendopedia!
` For now, however, I must go. There is yet more work to do. Thankfully, I'll be using rags this time rather than paper towels.


Kingcover said...

It's a minor wonderment that your PC still works considering it hasn't been turned on for a month, has had plaster heaped down on it and not to mention all the dust and dirt that must have been flying around too! One sturdy machine that's for sure :-)

S E E Quine said...

...Although it makes a lot of noise right now.
` And right now, by the way, is the prolonged moment in which I am watching Obama win.
` A moment which will not be forgotten anytime soon.

Galtron said...

Wow, that computer's been through everything, now! Good job!