Friday, December 10, 2010

I'm back for more!

While I've been in school this fall quarter, I may not have updated my website much, but I have actually been working... on paper! Again.
` I have partly-written articles on paper, as well as a better site organization. Now that fall quarter's over, I'm going to be actually putting those ideas onto the website, FOR REALS!

Also, I'm going to be writing some new and used (re-written/updated) Mad Science Writer posts, which I'll also be using as material for The Corrigendopedia. Whoo hoo!

Schoooooool's out... for... a little while!

Schoooooool's out... 'til... next year!

And I'd have made more progress online already if it weren't for my amazing procrastination skills (on other things)!

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