Saturday, February 6, 2010

At last! My first new article completed (HEY! WHERE DID IT GO?)

It's been tough, as I've been busy... also, Johnny's been getting worse. Yesterday, Lucas forced him to admit that he owes Lucas money, so today he stole Lucas' truck keys! Yes, that's right! While I was here in my office, I heard Johnny leave his bedroom, go into ours for a second, then slam the door really fast so that my coat fell off it, and hurry out of the house!
` Will Lucas ever find them? And what will Lucas do to Johnny when he comes back? Tune in next time to Spoony's Crazy Life!

Similarly crazy is the article I've written about... all sorts of things. It started out as mainly concerning the myth that harvestmen are venomous, but... well... it's now similarly packed with human drama!

jan 118 Opilionid and its lack of venom

OMG! MORE DRAMA! I've just discovered that I 'dumped' my final edit of this article!


It's now eight o'clock, two hours after starting this blog post, and I've finally managed to do a rough reconstruction of the finely-polished work I had done. It's not only a drag, but my sense of satisfaction is gone. Plus, I could have been back from the gym and have finished my last English assignment by now!
` Anyway, I guess I'll sort it out some more later. Here's the link to it.

In other news, Lucas managed to call Johnny, who denied stealing the keys, then called Lucas back to ask, "Have you found them yet? Huh? Huh?" It was pretty obvious that Johnny had just hid them somewhere, and sure enough, Lucas found them right away, underneath my car.
` He knew they would be somewhere around there, because Johnny had run through the carport on his way out, which Lucas had thought was odd.

Anyway, I can finally, FINALLY update the Corrigendopedia, like I was ABOUT TO when I started writing this. Man, I can't believe I DUMPED the page after I was completely done with it! How is that even possible?
` You know, I actually think a reasonable possibility is the distraction of Lucas running around, looking for his car keys, wondering if he should call the police for grand theft auto, etc.

P.S. Also, the gym was about to close by the time I got to it. ARGH AGAIN! However, I've since drastically improved my article anyway, so pttthhhbtbtbt!

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