Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Corrigendopedia: The Website Written On Paper!

So far, most of the material that is already on this site has been written ahead of time on plain white paper. That's because my internet access is very limited, as it has been for some years. The only computer I have to work with is downstairs, in the same room that my housemates are currently watching a movie in surround-sound.

For the past two days, every time I have gone down there to check my email, I haven't been able to because someone has either been watching TV next to the computer or using the computer themselves.

It seems no matter how early I wake up or how late I stay up solely in order to check my email, this is usually the case. The same goes for any public place with internet access, like a library - my earplugs do nothing to dull the roar of constant chatter of other internet-users.

Originally I had been planning to re-use material from my other blogs, including reams of unpublished notes I've been saving for future articles. However, there is no way for me to access, search and read them if I'm endlessly waiting 'in line' for the computer.

* Later... I've discussed the matter with Lucas (my beloved, and generally the 'man-in-charge' around here). He says we'll have to get a laptop so I can go to whatever place is quiet and have my own private computer to use.

My roommates have since stopped watching the movie, but as usual I have to leave for an appointment.

* Next day... The roommates are done with their movie right now and I have some free time to type this in! That's three days I had to wait to use the internet. There's so way it can be a daily habit until I have a laptop.

I've made note of this fact on the Corrigendopedia.

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