Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The old way is the best way!

Now that I must write a chunk of Corrigendopedia every four days, I'm realizing just how tough that is to do as a full-time student who works out for an hour and does three hours of housework each day, plus errands.
` I'm actually taking most of the housework off today because I needed to finish homework. Compromises, compromises!

But I won't compromise the Corrigendopedia: Instead I will break down the process even further.

You see, writing the Corrigendopedia is not like writing in a blog. It has a different structure all its own. I know because I get mired in it every time I try to write a 'chunk' that is polished, yet fits into a linear sequence.
` I think it's a lot of unnecessary work, considering how long it takes for me to polish my work, and then have to go back and change it to help fit the next chunk.

Besides not having much computer time for various reasons since I've started this blog, I'd say that making this work at a 'blog level' is my main difficulty.

My original vision of the Corrigendopedia was a general outline of some topic or other that is linked to more detailed articles or examples so that the flow would not be interrupted.
` To do this the 'chunk' way, I've been attempting to write small pieces of a single article which either don't have very thorough explanations of the concepts within them, or are very limited in scope.

Since chunks don't help organize the website, nor do they make sense to put on a blog, I now realize that the technique I began with was actually close to the one I must use.

In order to build a base for the Corrigendopedia, I must organize key concepts, notes, etc, and gradually add on more material.
` But, as I had recognized before, that won't work on a blog, either, so I'll have to publish these notes in the Corrigendopedia itself before they are made into articles, making the process of editing transparent.
` To break up this monotony, I'll also have to write new essays and spruce up older ones.

I hate to do this again, but my fifteen minutes of typing is up, and I must now get around to finishing my homework and all the rest.

I'll have a sheaf of notes four days from now....

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