Friday, October 17, 2008

What Am I Waiting For?

To answer that; I am waiting to find a spot in which it is possible to set up and actually use my computer. For now, it sits in a corner, covered in sawdust from the remodeling that's going on in my new house.

In the course of moving, however, I've somehow managed to ruin my first post (it was on paper), so I'll be starting on another tomorrow.

In other news, I am still searching for a third job, with the help of online classified ads and a temp agency, plus I'm continuing to rearrange rooms, help with carpentry, and do massive amounts of housework.
` There really is a lot of that, especially since both the washing machine and the dishwasher (both firsts in the household) are still not working.

On the upside, at least all of the outside walls are closed up (for now), and my three housemates and I now enjoy a real, functional furnace so we don't have to go about our daily lives bundled in winter coats (it's rather hard to relax, or even wash, when violently shivering).

` Plus, we have an excellent, mostly-finished and fully-functional kitchen along with a talented chef to utilize it (my housemate, Bradley), so everyone eats very well over here.

Things should be back on track soon, since I already have plans for the Corrigendopedia website written up and scheduled for tomorrow. (It still won't be online for a little while, though.)

See you again soon!

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