Monday, September 29, 2008

Building the Corrigendopedia

My intended fashion of constructing the Corrigendopedia website is piecemeal: I will write tiny little sections to use as 'bricks' from which to build entire articles.

This is probably the most effective method; especially at this time, since moving house and finding a third job are my two foremost full-time activities.

In writing a series of somewhat self-contained article sections, I plan to develop my ability to keep the reader interested enough to read onto the next section.

Frankly, my hope is that those reading this blog feel disappointed that there's not more to these small pieces, so that satisfaction can only be met on the Corrigendopedia website.

At this time, I am using my spare minutes to focus in on the opening of my first article: I have decided that it needs more work, so that will be in my next post rather than this one.

As for today's personal morning news, so far I've applied for a pawn shop, a video rental place, and two different restaurants... well, back to it!

1 comment:

Galtron said...

Three jobs? Wow! No wonder you haven't been online much! How do you find the time to sleep?

Good luck with everything! Hope it all turns out well, especially since you've got me looking forward to those massive disappointments of yours!

Your bloggy friend,
Matt "Galtron" Whitacre