Friday, November 27, 2009

NO MORE WRITING THIS WEBSITE ON PAPER - I have a computer now! (Also, the site URL has changed)

Not only do I have a new computer, it's a laptop and it works normally and connects to the internet, unlike the 2002 desktop -- now I can continue writing this website with no problem!

With so much activity constantly going on around Lucas' computer, I've barely been able to periodically sneak in to check my email before having to leave again, so accessing the hundreds of pages that I've already written online so I could edit them for The Corrigendopedia (or access any other online resource) was not happening -- there was NO WAY I was going to print all that stuff out!

Instead of being discouraged, I decided to just start from scratch and write everything on paper, largely relying on dead tree resources. It worked pretty okay at first, but then, anything longer than a page became increasingly more of a struggle:
` All that writing in longhand was tiresome to begin with, then every time I needed to make one small change I'd have to erase sentences and then write them again; each time I needed to add something, I'd have to spend hours writing the whole thing again, essentially copying most of it, and then when I realized I needed to add something else, doing it all over again!
` Days would go by with very little progress.
And then, how was I supposed to type all that up and proofread it and make any other changes? I'd have to stay up until the middle of the night so I wouldn't be disturbed, and... well... I need my rest (especially since I've had the flu for a month) and I need to be able to get up in the morning!

While I will continue to keep track of my pages on paper, I'd really rather do the writing electronically for such an immense project -- and now I can! I'll be back with more website updates soon!

Oh, by the way, I just visited The Corrigendopedia and it's been moved and rearranged, so I have some editing I need to do in order to fix it. The new address is:

That is such a hard-to-remember URL it's LAME! (I'm going to have to update my links, too!)

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