Friday, February 20, 2009

Dialogues commencing shortly...

In the interim, I have discovered that my 'facts via fiction' idea is called a 'dialogue', or 'dialog' - although I prefer still spelling it with the silent 'ue', thank you very much!

And they aren't out of control.

But, I shall also need to create characters to carry out these dialogues. This has been my main obstacle. I suppose once I start writing, they'll come naturally.

For now, I'll call them 'Why' and 'Why not?'

Later on, you'll see my creations in the flesh... by some means, so they are a little bit more than talking heads.

Oh, and I also have one other major obstacle... the subject matter, since each time I pick a topic that is most interesting to me, I tend to feel that it is too silly/controversial/trivial/getting off on the wrong foot.
` The truth is, I just need to get over it already and write something, or I never will start!

Since I JUST HAPPEN to have been at a presentation about gay marriage today, thanks to political science instructor Stephen Horn, I should just start there instead of waffling and stalling because, I mean... Why start there?

Well, WHY NOT?!?!

Peace out,

Dr. Nociceptor

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