Monday, January 25, 2010

New illustrations up, and new material on its way!

I may be very busy with school and other time-consuming projects, as well as socializing, but I'm still writing new material, and already have the illustrations up! I think this is the best way to go -- finish the illustrations first so that I can indicate where new articles will go! That way, it's like I know what the plan is, and you do too!

That's the thing about not having your website done, or barely even started out, when you put it up on the internet!

Check out my plans and thumbnails of illustrations on Is That a Fact? It's really coming along!

P.S. Finally decided on an illustration for Corrigending the Corrigendopedia -- look and see!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Ah, I feel much better!

Now that the crazy roommates are ALL gone, and I'm going back to school, AND I'm hanging out with my friends, I feel the best that I've ever felt in my entire life! Though I have been recovering from my past over this time, until now I didn't feel so great because of the enormous stresses put on me.

Not only have I figured out what I need to do, I also don't have some amount of terror hanging over my head, so now I can actually think clearly and make proper plans and do whatever I need to do without any problem.
` That includes this website, only I haven't been working on it this past week because, well, I've just taken some time off to work on maintaining my relationships, homework, and other projects, of mine. (I'm really ADHD, so there's a few! Hm, that's another thing I'll be writing about!)
` One of them was finishing organizing and uploading nearly ten thousand digital photos (here on Flickr), all of which I've edited (i.e. shrank until they weren't blurry anymore, adjusted color levels, occasionally added amusing effects, etc.).
` And that is only the first step of continuing work on my Abnormally Humorous Photo Gallery website, which I started years ago in hopes of achieving high comedy. Well, I have the material -- it's here, there and everywhere, thanks to continual chaos over the years! -- I just need to put it all where it needs to go!

Last quarter I took a class helpful to this website -- Critical Thinking. I did outstanding! Not only did I ace my final, despite forgetting my notesheet (I think that had a lot to do with guarding my room from having things more things tampered with or stolen from it), but my term paper on anti-vaccination pseudoscience got a 98 out of 100!
` This quarter I'm taking English 101, and it's great! My instructor is the coolest, and so are a lot of the students, whose papers I'm going to be reviewing.

Despite school, I'm planning to work on new pages for this site every day. I've actually already mostly-written a few new pages by the beginning of this week/year, I just haven't quite completed them!
` What I can do now is just work at a steady pace and it'll probably go smoothly for the most part! I'm so anxious to really get into the 'meat' of critical thinking and all the other things we need to know to survive in a misleading and sometimes miserable environment!

Friday, January 1, 2010

The Corrigendopedia finally has a main page illustration!

It's about time I got this loaded up! Here's the main page illustration... it's my website, so I'm making sure my face is on it!

dec 128 Corrigendopedia main page

This 'drawring' is from a sketch that I did of myself looking down into a lamp, which I then re-composed it using abstract shapes. Then, after taking the photo, I made it all green. Why not?

I also got my banner-logo thing for the top up on Flickr, but can't figure out how to put it on the website!

dec 199 Banner for top of website

Oh well! I guess I'll find some use for it!