Friday, July 24, 2009

The Three Themes of the Corrigendopedia

I have a few upcoming pages for the Corrigendopedia, just as long as I don't lose focus again. They will be the 'seeds' for future pages, and are on the themes of:

Getting Yer Facts Straight


The Science of Trickery

I'll have those up soon. Just gotta focus. My computer's distractingly loud, no matter what I put in and over my ears, so I have to use other computers to do this. Lame, huh? Time for a new computer!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Writing about Morristown UFO Hoax

I really really am. I promise. I in fact shall make my Corrigendopedia website into an organic place full of notes. Not musical notes, but notes like those I posted before.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Inspiring curiosity...

That will be my theme.

For the Corrigendopedia.

"Expand Your View of the World" could be a good motto.

Dissatisfied with this post? Look, I have been posting on other blogs. This, for example, is today's art blog post, complete with Dr. Nociceptor, Cyborg Puppies of Doom, and a meth head who has taken to peeing all over our carpet.
` From there, you will also find links to some amusing videos starring my boyfriend, both as 'Pinhead' and as 'Bruiser', a hillbilly who gets shot.

Oh yeah, and I keep wanting to write about the Morristown UFO Hoax, complete with videos that show the hoaxers releasing the balloons, then calling the news station and saying 'hey, there's some weird lights! We don't know what they are!' and then making the infamous YouTube video.
` ...And later appearing on the news... not to mention, UFO Hunters cites it as more evidence that aliens are visiting us... hilarious!

Aaanyway... I have some homework to finish real quick-like. See ya later.

P.S. I have a considerably less noisy environment now, since I live in a new house, and since the meth head who has been framing us and getting us into trouble is gone. That was a ton of crazy drama!
` No longer is writing a rebellion on a personal level....